WILD TIME a 30 minute video creature will play on a screen @ cyber arts gallery in JP as a part of the BLAA show TBA

Opening reception September 10th, 2021. The show runs until Oct 10th 2021.

This video piece is a combination of the WILD TIME ceremonies influenced by the new and full moons of August 2021.

5 minute Hypnotic Visual Ceremony
30 Minute live streamed ceremony.


New Moon

Bless this device that can bring me tools to build whatever I desire.

How I use it is my choice.

There is a world of things to pay attention to. 

Knowledge, laughter, community, focus.

It is my great intention to navigate the distractions with an awareness that I can build my will, craft my digital devices to have the tools that suit my vision, and the flexibility of spirit to navigate through this digital wilderness. 

A wilderness where a special grace is  needed to guide us in its fast, expanding, and dizzying landscape.

Let us reflect on the many hands, hearts and spirits who have brought these polished treasures into our lives. 

Let our ever growing awareness make it possible for all life, including our fellow humans who labor on our behalf, be honored.

Let life no longer be crushed  through the blind gears of global commerce. 

Let our growing consciousness open new doorways of vision for human business.

Let our endeavors realign with the cycles of the earth’s systems. 

As this alignment comes, the intense subconscious burden of working against the currents of life and humanity will lift and our vision will open even further. 

Let us acknowledge that this device and the humans who made it are earth. 

Anything operating within the bubble of earth systems is being made from the elements of the earth. 

We do not need to return to nature, we simply have to slow down and return to our senses.

Slow down and see the way the world is woven before us. 

We participate in this weaving everyday through our actions. 

Our influence is moderated by how deeply we understand.

We contribute to the long arch of human beliefs.

This arc has shifted over time and will always shift.

As we refine our senses and expressions, it shifts with purpose. 

Full Moon

The earth remembers everything. 

The earth is everything here. 

The earth welcomes us to unburden our fear and shame so we can see clearly and find our alignment. 

The Earth is big time; wild time. 

It is not shaped by our small time; control time.

The human collective is addicted to control and force. 

Presence allows us to focus and create. 

Force pushes our will onto others. 

There is no longevity in unnatural force; it dissipates and needs constant reapplication. 

Natural forces that inform the cycles are eternal and need no maintenance. 

Discovering the natural flow running alongside the control time offers unlimited creative potential.

Creating inspires others to join in. 

In wild time your visions will blossom like a flower. 

Forcing the blossom open will dismember it. 

Do not fret, force has become a habit that takes time to unlearn.

The cycle will begin again; blossoming is part of the eternal cycle. 

Blossom and others will want to blossom with you. 

Force becomes ridiculous.