Radical Awareness Ritual Livestream 

Find your locus of control to reclaim your energy

The root of this process is being able to understand What is in our control and what is not. This is a practice that evolves over time. You take the first step before the 100th. Cherish where you are at. The unfolding experience leads to mastery. The destination is the experience you are having now. 

Other entities exist that have their own energy. 

These energies overlap. The overlapping is becoming more intense right now. 

We don’t like force keeping us from our innate directions. The force can be internalized.

We have been convinced to control ourselves. 

The myth of civilization is that control leads to a good life.

To regain our sense of self we try to control the societal systems of control. We influence them but we can’t control them. 

Trying to control the things that are not in our control dissipates the energy from what is truly within our range of actions and ability.

We wither away trying using control things outside of our control. It steals our joy and dignity. 

To practice radical acceptance we need to dedicate ourselves to radical awareness. 

We might not like our choices, but we always have choices. Radical awareness helps us see the choices we really have. There is a habit of seeing binary choices. This is the realm of the mind. The Inner instincts, the gut, offers more dynamic guidance.  

This practice does not condone unjust actions. 

It is about developing clarity to allow ourselves to direct our energy. 

The prospect of using force and fear to control others falls apart when the majority who are not benefiting stop buying into it. When we are clear mentally we can see and strategically disengage. By not giving away our energy the scales tip and our resources are maintained for building.

What do you want to build? Health? Clarity? Energy? A relationship with nature? Wisdom? Community? Humor? 

This meditative visual journey will create a space for what you are ready to release to rise up and drift out. After that rises and releases there will be space for insights to surface. These insights may show up after the end of the ceremony.