A new moon ceremony is expansive in nature. In the darkness of a new moon our subconscious comes forward and we can see how it plays upon the shadowy light. It’s a time to drift and dream. Loosen your grip on what you think you know and breathe into your expansion.

The full moon reflects a crisp light everything is distinct and focused awareness can direct energy forward. It’s time to be decisive.


Sending a great gratitude to the mystery of life that breathes us into existence. 
Bless this device that can bring me tools 
to build whatever I desire, knowledge, laughter, community, focus, 
How I use it is my choice and there are a world of things to pay attention to.

It is my great intention to navigate the distractions 
with an awareness that I can build my will, 
craft my digital devices to have the tools that suit my vision, 
and the flexibility of spirt to navigate through this digital wilderness. 
A wilderness where a special grace is needed 
to guide us through its dizzying landscape. 

Let us reflect on the many hands, hearts and spirits 
who have brought these polished treasures into our lives. 
Let our ever growing awareness make it possible for all life, 
including our fellow humans who labor on our behalf, 
be honored, no longer crushed through the blind gears of global commerce. 

Let our growing consciousness open 
new doorways of vision for human business 
that aligns with the cycles of the earths systems. 
As this alignment comes the 
intense subconscious burden of 
working against the currents 
of life and humanity will lift 
and our vision will open even further. 

Let us acknowledge that this device and the humans who made it are nature. 
That anything operating within the bubble of earth is
made from the elements, energies and systems of the earth. 
We do not need to return to nature 
because we are nature.
We simply have to slow down and return to our senses 
and see the way the world is woven before us. 

We participate in this weaving everyday through our actions. 
We contribute to the arch of human beliefs everyday 
by how grounded we are and how deeply we think. 
This arc has shifted over time and will always shift 
as we refine our senses and expressions 
the worldview shifts with us. 

Through this reflective ceremony let us cleanse our systems 
of what has been handed to us and no longer makes sense. 


To the earth to the sky to the trees
to know to feel to see
to live myself as me
alive and being free

Copy paste delete 
salty bitter sweet
life question complete
in its endless beat

To the earth to the sky to the seas
the secret cosmic breeze
harmonic vocal keys
welcome yes and please

lets cycle back with ease
to the buzzing of the bees
healthy rolling seas
all people loved and free

Each ceremony is unique:

Specific information about the ceremony will be shared. The first ceremony in this series is a new moon ceremony called uncovering time.

I wanted to find a way to more deeply connect the ceremonial process into youtube. With fire ceremonies there is the quick shift in burning the ceremonial object you transform. For example a spirt stick that you blow what you want to let go of on one end and where you want to welcome on the other. Allowing the arrow to transform in the fire is how we release the message to the universe. It is possible to engage in ceremony and ritual without being a deeply mystical person. You might just be someone who understands how the subconsious mind works. Symbols backed with clear intentions will plant powerful seeds when the ceremony resonates with a person and they get into it. The path of data ceremonies work though our darling devices that are not just charged through the wall they are charged with our beliefs and emotions. The delightful tension gives the ceremony an extra edge because it is unexpected. How can you possibly hold a ceremony.

This Ceremony is about Uncovering Time. We talk about time frequently, but how well do we understand it? We have mapped out in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums.That map of time is quite recent when we think about the larger expanses of time. Time zones came with the need to accommodate railroad schedules. Underneath are the cycles of time the in and out breath of time that I like to call wild time. It is always there beneath the grid. It feels different than clock time. It’s not evenly divided. See if anything about wild time comes to you during the ceremony and if you would like to share your insights you can post them. Is there anything ready to shift in your beliefs or relationship with time?

During the Ceremony:

To start say internally or out loud I am ready to release what no longer serves me. Breathe deeply and relax. Allow images and sounds to shift your mind into an open state and lovingly acknowledge anything that is ready to transform or release. Compassionately observe how it came to be a part of your perspective and honor it as it shifts. You can place your hand on your heart as you feel the energies shifting.