This is the full moon of letting go of many things. A bigger understanding of how we are connected to one another. A bigger understanding of how fear has shaped our society and how we can free ourselves from fear. Fear is a natural part of life and it is not about removing fear. It’s about learning to create from a place where we are centered and have vision. Vision goes beyond our own individual self and is aware of the interconnectedness. Right now the world is meditating on how profoundly we all touch each other’s lives. We are meditating on how oxygen, our most vital resource, flows around the planet. This awareness is coming from a problem but can extend far beyond it. Meditation through action. We need to come to understand the power and beauty of our shared precious life. There is nothing more to seek. We have everything. It is vital that the resources of life are shared with everyone. In this time it is clear how essential every life on this planet is. Let us shift to a culture of dignity and respect for all life. 

This full moon gives us the opportunity to release what binds us. The stories and the struggles that cause powerful suffering within ourselves and with what we are connected to.