Eat Smarter by Shawn Stevenson Book cover

Shawn Stevenson is my current book Crush. I know that he is not technically a book. He is a beautiful and kind living encyclopedia of lived wisdom centering around Health. Before reading Eat Smarter I had already started applying some of his super-food-nuggets of information from podcasts he was interviewed on. The term Super-Food-Nuggets is nodding to his playful use of language. His silly sense of humor is the sugar-free icing on a book that gives a comprehensive explanation of big ideas. Mapping out the entire territory of what to eat and do and why. It provides a flexible and clear plan of action. It also has a heart of gold that helps the frustrated masses struggling with weight understand its not them its what has been available for us to eat with our mouths and our minds up to this point.

Eat Smarter focuses on fat loss, because that is a huge issue for a large portion of the population. But consider reading even if you’re not trying to shake free some adipose tissue (fat). Shawn’s overarching philosophy, cutting edge nutritional advice, humor, compassionately framed social justice, and genuine kindness is worth connecting with.

This book is full of information I have applied personally because I have been working on inflammation and weight issues my whole life. The Eat Smarter insights helped it all click into place and now my body composition is coming back into balance much more naturally. There are a few moments where I got lost in his playful way of describing how the hormones work. I looked up some images online of the brain as I read along to make it more digestible. Eat smarter is packed with detailed information. I also really like that he gives scientific terms and studies directly to his readers. ATGL (adipose triglyceride lipase), BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor), CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) are just a few of the super-sized terms he shares with us. It is written in a way to show the research but not pressure the reader to memorize the detail. He goes deep but lets us come back up for air regularly. It’s worth the effort because the details are important to buy into this framework. Some of the suggestions go against the conventional wisdom, including diving into how calories aren’t just calories. Shawn understands the readers will have a hard time letting go from the familiar even if it’s broken. He pries our brains away from the funky old beliefs with his sense of delight in discovering what works and the awe of the human body. The sense of adventure is infectious and adds the inspiration and momentum needed to make lifestyle changes.

I have been reading a book a week and this is the book that I can’t stop talking about right now. If you are feeling drained because of how hard you push yourself you might want to tune into Shawn because he has an incredibly kind approach to health. Check out Shawn if you are interested in becoming healthier and you are feeling stuck, or you want to learn about:

  • the role of healthy fats
  • whole foods
  • the microbiome
  • the many kinds of adipose (fat) tissue
  • carb ratios
  • intermittent fasting
  • sleep’s role in weight-loss

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