Transformational services  for your journey. To celebrate reopening these sessions are offered at an introductory rate in October. If you have questions book a services inquiry call. 

Currently offering a few sessions a week via zoom. Contact Jenn through form at the bottom of the page to find additional availability.

You Deserve Support

Individualized Coaching and Ceremonies

While working one on one you will receive support tailored to your vision. This approach is grounded in a lifetime of studying healing, energy work, and the creative process.  Exposure to new information and direct personalized support is critical for deep changes. The cutting edge creative processes will help transform old belief patterns and see the world in a new way. 

Here to help you make meaninful changes

Meet Jenn Pipp

Jenn Pipp

Jenn Pipp

Media Artist and Energetics Educator

Master of Fine Arts, Film and Media Art
Luminous Healing, Four Winds Society
Master Life Coach

Jenn Pipp followed their gut to art school and received a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in 2001. Through rigorous study and application Jenn earned the Four Winds Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine certificate in 2011. They integrated fine arts and ceremonial practices and started performing ceremonies. They were refined while completing a MFA from  Emerson College in MFA in Film and Media Art in 2020. The process is called digital fire or Path of Data and uses live streamed information as an analogue to the transformational process of fire. You can experience it on their YouTube channel , Jenn Pipp.

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Radical Awareness

Radical Awareness

Radical Awareness Ritual Livestream  Find your locus of control to reclaim your energy The root of this process is being able to understand What is in our control and what is not. This is a practice that evolves over time. You take the first step before the 100th....


WILD TIME a 30 minute video creature will play on a screen @ cyber arts gallery in JP as a part of the BLAA show TBA Opening reception September 10th, 2021. The show runs until Oct 10th 2021. This video piece is a combination of the WILD TIME ceremonies influenced by...

Livestream Ceremony Structure

A new moon ceremony is expansive in nature. In the darkness of a new moon our subconscious comes forward and we can see how it plays upon the shadowy light. It's a time to drift and dream. Loosen your grip on what you think you know and breathe into your expansion....

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